Connecting engines communicating in RS232 (com) to a raspberry

Hello !
I’m working on a research project on driving a parachute with a raspberry, using the navio2 sensors.
in order to control the parachute i have 2 engines communicating in RS232 with the raspberrry (from the USB port into a com port)
Is there a way i can either drive them with the navio card, or do i have to make a pilot and guidance law by extracting the navio2 sensors data ?

Thanks alot !

Hi @Ello,

Navio2 has preinstalled Ardupilot that allows controlling engines. In that case, they should be connected to PWM output via ESCs.

However, it can hardly help with your setup. So, I believe writing your own script is the only way to make it work.

We have some examples on C++ and Python showing how to get the Navio2 sensors data. You can find them here.

Hi @svetlana.nikolenko,

Using the PWM output seems a no go, after discussing with the ardupilot’s devteam. I do believe that writing my own script will be the only solution. Fortunately i believe i can use a Lua script to get the parameters i need and run a software made to communicate in RS232.

Thanks for the link !

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