Connecting a USB camera to Navio 2

Another principal difficulty I have is connecting a usb Camera to the Navio2 and be able to configure it on mission planner to take pictures and videos. I am using the Gopro Hero 4 Camera.

That is a different problem, not sure i can help you with that.
But are you able to trigger gopro remotely in some way?

Thank you very much for your help. if you know someone that can help. please put me in contact with him.

I can triger the camera only via the gopro app on a phone and it is limited to the camera wifi range.

MP triggers via relay or servo output signal. My first thought is to google to see if gopro can be triggered from the usb or other hack options

Thanks for the link, i believe it will more usefull now, since we have identified the major problem.

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Okay I will give that a check.

gopro can be used as a webcam, so i guess it can be controlled via usb.

I have done the calibration again, but the rotor does not work.

I have done the calibration again, but the rotor does not work.

Did you follow this part ?

Also, if not the mode is set properly and/or arming is not set, you would get stuck.
This is covered in the mandatory section, which i assume you have followed?
If not, follow this part, step by step.


You can connect GoPro to RPI with USB only as a mass storage device.
But you can control your camera by WiFi using its API. Also take a look at this article.

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