Connecting a Trimble tsc2 to my RS2

Is it possible to use my Trimble TSC2 data collector with the Reach RS2 using Bluetooth connection? Not sure how to tell the RS2 to broadcast via bluetooth. I use Survey Pro on my TSC2, UNFORTUNATELY, on the pull down list on the list of GPS devices EMLID is not listed.
Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

That shouldn’t be a problem. However, you’ll probably have to make some sort of generic Bluetooth profile for the connection.

Hi Michael,

We haven’t tested Reach RS2 in such a setup. However, if Trimble TSC2 with Survey Pro can get NMEA positions over Bluetooth, there should be no issues with such integration. To learn how to set the NMEA output on Reach, please explore our Position output guide.

To pair your controller with Reach using Bluetooth, you can follow this guide. If you face any issues, please tell me at which step it happens.

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