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Hello to all members of this community, i hope you are well. Im from Kosovo and I bought a Emlid Reach RS2 (its first Emlid GPS in my country) and I dont understand how to connect with other app like LandStar7, Nuwa ore somthing else. If its not possible to connect with other app, how can I survey with Reachview because I cant import coordinates. I hope this community can help me.

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Hi Nderim,

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ReachView has the Survey tool that allows points collection and stakeout.

If you work with an Android device, you can use a mock location feature to integrate your Reach with 3rd-party apps. You can learn more from this guide.

Also, if you’re going to work in PPK, you can record raw data logs and post-process them in RTKLib. I’d suggest taking a look at our GPS post-processing guide.

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Hi there,

Wanted to follow up in this thread even though it’s been some time.

It’s now even more comfortable to survey with Reach receivers and a new ReachView 3 app, although you can still survey with the 3rd-party apps. We’ve added different coordinate systems support, a few file export/import formats, and much more is coming!

Check it out to make your workflow with Reach even easier and smoother :wink: