Connect U-blox NEO-6T USB to ethernet

What is the cheapest way to connect the U-blox NEO-6T USB dongle to the ethernet to get raw data reatouts? Is it compatible with a cheap embedded board like Raspeberry Pi?

USB cable length is very limited. My problem is I would like to hook the GPS up to a place where I only have ethernet connection…

It is pitty Navio Raw is not available any more - I guess it could use the ethernet of the Raspberry Pi host?

You can use Raspberry Pi or any other small computer with USB port to stream data over ethernet. We have replaced Navio Raw with Navio+, it also outputs raw data.

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Ok so you say that Navio+ also has raw gps data? I looked at the U-blox M8N datasheet and it does say nothing about raw data… I even found some comparison table where raw data explicitly is not market at this chipset while is market for other U-blox chips so i thought U-blox M8N does not have raw data. Maybe you could add this info to Navio+ specs so that it is clear…

Ragarding USB dongle and Raspberry Pi - so I do not need to use RTKLIB to get the raw readouts? They can be streamed directly from the USB data feed?

Officially U-blox M8N does not support raw data, but in fact it is possible to enable debug messages TRK-MEAS and TRK-SFRBX that provide it. GPS-only rate is as usual, but GPS+GLONASS is limited to 1Hz.

With USB dongle you do not need RTKLIB to record raw data, you can manually enable RXM-RAW and RXM-SFRB and simply record the output stream of virtual serial port that will be available in the system.

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