Connect to Reach from rtklib on laptop

I’m trying to get rtklib on my laptop (or Android device) to get the GPS data from two reach devices. I’m having trouble figuring out how they should interact and what the settings should be on the different devices. I have two reach units set up as base and rover as the quick start docs suggest. I also have another computer (either the laptop or tablet, not sure which will be better in the end) with rtklib. I was hoping to use it to “see” the base unit and the rover unit while they are in wireless range. If the rover unit leaves range then it will get picked up right away when its back. Mostly as a quality control mechanism. For now I’ll use post processing to get the accuracy.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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To achieve this you can set up the solution output and view it in RTKPLOT.
The example is available in quickstart guide in the docs.

Ahh, I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Thanks for being polite about it.