Connect RS+ to external sensor

Apologies if my question is very obvious. I am a newbie to this area and I am now navigating my way. I have recently purchased an RTK survey kit RS+ to be mainly used for sampling in agricultural fields. Is it possible to connect the GPS to an external sensor/equipment in a way that every time a measurement is taken, the GPS location is triggered and saved automatically to some external file? I have 100 of measurements that should be taken on the go while driving an ATV. Any document/info is highly appreciated.

What are you trying to actually do? Soil Sample? If so, Emlid’s App would work fine, you would just want to write down what number your grid pattern is following.

I don’t think it’s as easy to integrate an RS+ with external hardware as it is with the M+. If the other sensor can send a signal like a camera does, then the M+ has the ability to log these events in a file more seamlessly.

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An external sensor can’t trigger Reach RS+ to save the current position. However, if the sensor supports NMEA input, Reach can transmit the coordinates to it. The sensor will receive a real-time position data stream. I can suggest clarifying with the sensor’s support if the data can be geotagged automatically in this case.

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