Connect Mission Planner

I thought we were talking about connection problems? Did the connection work with Qgroundcontrol?

Yeah actually, It detect my location by Navio 2…

So you have a working connection between a GCS and your Navio2? What is the problem then?

It does not work on Mission Planner. I told you that Qgroundcontrol has some error problems, therefore I do not prefer that. I prefer Mission Planner rather than Qgroundcontrol.

Sorry for confusing you.

I use qgroundcontrol almost everyday. You can select different map providers in the configuration menu. I never noticed an error in the map scale.

I needed to notice it because it’s kind of related to my science project responding variable. so. I will try it.

I have a question about Mission Planner. When I try to connect on Mission Planner, it just failed… Did you ever use Mission Planner before?

I fly my copters with qgroundcontrol. If I set up a mission, it is flown exactly like represented on the map.

Missionplanner and Qgroundcontrol on my Windows 10 PC. Qgroundcontrol on my Android tablet when I am out flying.

I have some problems to connect Qgroundcontrol right now. Can you list the steps to connect it?

it just keep asking for PX4 and something like that…

Do you need pixhawk? No and we have navio 2…

Here is what I wrote earlier:

I will try it. But, I want you to know something is really going wrong.


  1. Post a screenshot of “sudo nano /etc/default/arducopter”

  2. Post a screenshot of “sudo systemctl status arducopter”


So instead of providing some information to help us to help you, you opened a thread on another forum with the exact same question. There is a word with “m” in solving problems, but it is not “magic”, it is “method”.
You never provided any precise information and your answers contain a lot of “it”, “something”, etc.
I gave you instructions on how to connect Missionplanner to Navio2 and you replied you will not follow them, because you already followed all of the instructions before. As long as you do not provide the screenshots I asked for, I am out of here.

Yesterday, when I just got your reply, it was 3 o’clock in midnight. Also, we had another problem with connecting wi-fi network to Navio 2, thus, still it is not possible to sync Mac terminal with Navio 2 OS. Only way to give you the screenshots is get out my phone and take the pictures of my TV screen. And because of some reasons I could not do that. You know when you do not get progress on something constantly, you better want to try another one. Or not, but to me it was. But, still, I need your help.

Maybe I kind of agree with this quote.

OK so yor advice about including the “quotes” was important, but it did not solve the problem. So I imaged a Raspian image and compared the files. The code at the bottom key_mgmt=WPA-PSK needed to be added. I think I am good now, but the documentation needs to be updated for those of us who are not coders.

Hi @Andrew_L!

Could you please tell me whether you got Navio2 connected to you local network or not? And what is your problem now?

In your previous post you said that you added key_mgmt=WPA-PSK to some file. Is it wpa_supplicant.conf? Am i right? If key_mgmt is not set, this proptery defaults to “WPA-PSK WPA-EAP”. So if you network is using WPA-PSK authentication key, it should work just fine. Furthermore, you can generate this file with wpa_passphrase, a command line tool which generates the minimal configuration needed by wpa_supplicant.

Also could you please point me to the commands that don’t work, we’ll fix that.