Connect M2 to the RS2 in a rover/base pairing (OFF GRID)


I am a graduate student trying to use an Emlid Reach RS2 and M2 in a base/rover pairing.

I have set up the RS2 to collect and log data points for PPK processing with a Phantom 4 prov2 GNSS antenna receiver (logging RINEX files at 1 second intervals).

I would also like to set up the RS2 to act as a base station (while logging RINEX files) for my M2 while I am in the field to collect accurate RTK points.

I am trying to connect the RS2 and the M2 through the ReachView3 application and I am having some trouble. I don’t have a LoRa attachment for the M2, which I think might be the best way to do this, but I was wondering if anyone could help me out? Am I going about this the right way?

(I am also going to be off grid in the Canadian sub-artic doing these surveys so I do not think that NTRIP is a viable option for me). I am desperate for some help though, so I will take any advice!

Thank you!!

Being off the grid like that is the whole point of a local base. I would just bite the bullet and get the LoRa module for the M2 and use it as the base. How are you powering the M2?

Do you have a little more detail about the P4PV2 receiver? I would log the drone at least at 5Hz preferably 10Hz if your constellation visibility allows for it.


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The P4PV2 reciever is a GNSS antenna that automatically logs data. Its from BAAM Tech, it was installed on the drone prior to my project starting, so that is what I have set up from the drone stand point. I don’t nessesarily have an issue with that (yet).

I do have an extra GNSS antenna, the same as the one that is attached to the top of the drone during flight to log points. Does anyone have any experience connecting the GNSS antenna receiver to the M2? Will I then just connect the RS2 over GNSS instead of LoRa?

A little new to the scene, so any help is appreciated.

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Do you have a pic of the antenna for the M2? We need to make sure it is supported but yes you have to have a communication platform for corrections to get RTK. You could PPK the GCP’s as well…

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GPS is via satellites and a GPS receiver. RTK or the corrections for RTK (RTCM3) can be transmitted several ways.
LoRa radio
Without internet, that takes out NTRIP/TCP. Bluetooth doesn’t have the normal needed range.

That leave you with LoRa radio and or serial. Best bet with serial is connecting a 3rd party radio system to your M2 and or RS2. This is not very cost effective and can be a pain to setup.

Best bet, buy a Emlid LoRa radio module and be done.




This is the antenna I have right now to connect the M2 to the RS2. Would this set up work?


Ok, that looks like the actual Emlid model correct? Just wanted to make sure as I have seen others grab antenna that look similar and “had the same specs” but didn’t work.

This doesn’t connect the receivers, it just connects the M2 to the satellites. Basically the RS2 is the same all in one box and the extended antenna is the LoRa like this for the M2.

Like I said I have 2 of the LoRa modules if you need one.


@chascoadmin just provided the missing link you need. ; )

That is what I was trying to explain, sorry no pictures. I guess they really are worth a 1000 words.

okay great! thanks everyone! Just to make sure I’ve got it all clear,

  1. The M2 (I thought, I might be so wrong) does show satellites and positioning, what is the difference between having the GNSS antenna and just the M2?
  2. The antenna that I shared a picture with will connect the M2 to satellites and allow the M2 to log data points using GNSS satellites but not connect to the RS2?
  3. I need a LoRa M2 extension kit to have RTK using the RS2 base?
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The RS2 (your BASE) has a built in antenna to receive from the satellites. It also has a built in LoRa (Long Range) radio to send the corrections 1 way to your ROVER (the skinny antenna hanging from the bottom).

Your ROVER must have a radio to receive those data corrections from the RS2 BASE. Which would be the additional equipment you do not have but @chascoadmin mentioned. This is the LoRa radio which also has a skinny antenna, which would receive the corrections from the RS2 via its built in LoRa radio.

The ROVER also has the M2, which you connect the truncated cone shaped antenna to (the picture you sent) that receives from the satellites.

You just need the LoRa radio/antenna/wiring for your M2 ROVER and your good to go. The BASE sends corrections to the ROVER via LoRa radio.

Or @chascoadmin !!! ; )


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