Connect Emlid to Laptop

We are a road measuring company and recently purchased a Reach RS2+ for determining the location of the measuring points. We have a field laptop without internet/Bluetooth and work with a fixed cable for the input of the GPS signal.
How do I get the GPS signal from Reach RS2+ forwarded to the software of the measuring program?
Before this we used a Trimble, for which we had a software program running that transmitted the signal. Hope someone can help me. Thank you.

Dang, no Bluetooth or wifi? Wouldn’t be easier and more ideal to get with the current times and get a new laptop, tablet?

Either way, i assume the software you are using, which is probably old and outdated too, would have to allow at least SERIAL connection via old serial connector or hopefully USB?

You will have to set up a serial COM port in Windows Control Panel with communication settings that match on both the Windows end and the Emlid SERIAL PORT output. You will need their SERIAL cable emlid sells. The DOCS reference also has the pinout diagram.

Like i said, prob easier just to try with a newer laptop or better yet a tablet with bluetooth and wifi personally.

Edit: not entirely sure, but may be able to use the usb-c charging port for serial COM connection? Maybe someone will clarify as not entirely sure.

EDIT2: I think u can use the usbc port. Try that 1st b4 purchasing emlid serial cable(s) unless your laptop requires that. Can get usb to serial adapters also.


Thanks for your answer. Will try to manage.


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