Connect and configure Navio2

How can I connect and configure Navio2 if I have Raspberry pi 4 (RAM 4 GB) and Navio2 on top of raspberry pi4.
First Questions is would Navio2 power Raspberry pi 4?
Second question is How can I connect and configure Navio2 with Raspberry pi4 from my computer?

Any advise is welcome

Follow the documentation, search for clue in the Navio forum and read the ardupilot wiki.

Thank you for the links! I did read those but do I still have the questions that do I need to configure Navio2 separately or It has to be preconfigured in raspberry pi and then just install it and use it with power module?

You have to follow the Documentation and proceed step by step.

At home you can power the Raspberry with USB cable

Hi Jay,

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Navio2 can be configured only when used with Raspberry Pi. So you can start off by attaching Navio2 to Raspberry Pi with screws. Then, download the image and flash your SD card with it. Navio2 can be powered through the USB port of Raspberry Pi as Marc mentioned.

Please follow the steps from these guides for the configuration:

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Hi Liudmila,

Thank You so much, that’s very helpful! I did went through all the links but one of friend said Raspberry pi 4 can only be powered by Navio2, which created more confusion for me. However, now I am sure about things and I will order it accordingly.I appreciate your time!

Thank You

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I’m really glad I could help!