Conical or low profile antenna

Hi, I am thinking about to upgrade the antenna recently, I am no expert on this, so I would like to ask, which shape would work better, conical or low profile, for the TW3710 specifically? thanks,

Shape of the radome hardly affects the signal reception, so pick one which suits you better. Low profile antenna is smaller, while conical cover provides protection against the snow.

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I am considering using a GNSS helix antenna - instead of the stock antenna. Any thoughts from Emlid or others if the antenna will work without modifications, or what the issues are (any performance upgrades possible). In my case, the increased cost is not a factor. Thanks.

@Gabriel_Padilla big L1/L2 active helix antenna from Maxtena (M1227HCT-A2-SMA) is a great choice for aerial vehicle. We used them a lot on planes and were very happy with them. There is no need to modify the antenna in any way, you just need an SMA-to-MCX cable to connect in to Reach.

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