I received my Reach modules on Monday.
Struggled with the installed ReachView but got a working system by Thursday.
Installed the 2.2.1 this morning and have an awesome, even user friendly, system on both units by 0930!
Using the IGS-net ntrip server on my ‘base’ which requires internet access for the period of position averaging. Then turn off internet and use 3dr 400mhz radio to deliver local corrections for local survey.
Not sure whether to rant and fume about the days spent with the old software and firmware that was installed on the brand new from the factory modules or just be happy with the end result.


Hi Simon,

Your unit was manufactured before we had a stable Reach View 2 to flash at the factory and the difference in software is so big, that it is not possible to make the transition via an in-app update. For all new batches we will flash V2 software at the factory and future updates will be in-app.

Glad that you like ReachView 2!