Congratulations to EMLID team

Hello to EMLID team

I just would like to take a few seconds to say a warm thank you to you guys that are the pioneers for open source in the air!

I have now been using my Navio 2 for some time and must say I am fully satisfied with it. Of course as a newbie at the beginning it was a little tricky for me to understand everything. And had some recurring EKF/Compass issues up to APM 3.4.

What kept me with EMLID/Navio compared to other APMs is the fantastic support provided by its community and specifically its passionate team members. Thanks for being there everytime needed!

I have compared your hardware and your support compared to some other guys in spain (guess who they are) and the result is clear : battle won by EMLID on all criterias (hardware perf, quality of docs, community support, amazing projects…)
The only thing were I see improvement possible is the price with is still a bit too expensive in my taste and especially the taxes issues…

Greetings from France


I second this too.

I’m currently working with the spain guys with ROS setup and super frustrating. Weird licenses and can’t even download the image of the latest version. I’m literally sitting on my hands here waiting for a link to download the newest image, afraid it might be till Monday since the weekend is starting.

Aside from being a noob to rtklib the Reach and Navio2 have been very good and I’ve asked my share of dumb questions with prompt responses from Emlid or community members. I’d gladly put my money towards that.

Also sorry for the import taxes, here in the US I’ve had to pay no import taxes so far.


Just to be clear. When you say “the guys in spain” or “the spain guys”; you are referring to the vascos from Erle Robotics, correct?

I didn’t want to be as direct as that. I have had a bad experience with their support.
I assume some guys could tell the opposite with fantastic experiences but as of myself I really disliked

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@Guiboy @mr337

Thank you very much for your warm words!
We are doing our best to smooth all the tricky parts on both Reach and Navio and strive to make it much simpler to use with the upcoming ReachView update and further Navio image / APM updates.

We are also constantly expanding our dealers network so you can obtain Navio and Reach locally without the import taxes. List of the dealers is here.