Congratulations on the new Reach M+

Well done on releasing the Reach M+ guys, it looks great! From the labels on the case I’m guessing it now has two UARTs (S1 and S2), but what are the C1 and C2 ports for? And how does the weight compare with the original Reach? I had been looking to get a Reach to go with my Navio2 but this looks even better :slight_smile:



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What about heating? Intel Edison heats a lot

Hi Dean,

Thank you! C1 and C2 will allow to make timestamps from two cameras in the future, we also routed 1PPS to these connectors. The weight is around 20gr, will post final numbers once the enclosures are ready :slight_smile:

@Sylvain_POULAIN I think heating will be approximately the same, but with Neutis with have access to at least tune power management. Actually I did not experience any overheating issues with Edison. How hot runs yours?


@igor.vereninov Yes we had issues in tropical area during summer 3 months ago.
Suddendly RTK link becomes off when doing survey. I check radio led but was disconnect not so far (at ~250m). When I came back to reach base module, heatshrink was melt due to overheating (In fact it breaks on joint) and reach was down. Thinking it was dead, when I came back to the office I re-connect reach from power and everything is ok …
Reach was on the sun with very hot weather inside plastic box.

I love my Reach RS of frequency L1.
with these updates I imagine that much will come.
I found this antenna over the network, maybe it will be an alternative to the Reach antennas of the embedded reach? For there is a big difference in the quality of the antennas of the Reach RS and the normal Reach.

The Reach L1 RTK is very revolutionary, but I hope that one day there will be an option with L2 too, that would change a lot around the world.

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Looks like there were a few new Emlid products announced at Embedded World. Great to see new things hitting the market :slight_smile: I’m following the F9 discussion as well, it will be interesting to watch how this unfolds.

@igor.vereninov The PPS output is amazing news! I’m very excited to get my new Reach M+ soon.

Will we be able to change the ublox ‘time pulse’ frequency on this PPS pin? I’d love to get a 1 kHz square wave out!

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Hi @igor.vereninov

Any news on the PPS output frequency? If I could connect the reach to ucentre I could change the settings there?

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Hi @darrynjordan,

There are no updates on this, however, it’s still on our roadmap.

Hi @tatiana.andreeva,

Thanks for the update! Look forward to this feature.

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