Confused about the RC input

Hey I am new to using the navio2 and quadcopters in general but I have some questions about receivers and transmitters.

I recently purchased a radiolink transmitter controller T8FB and it came with its own receiver R8EF 2.4GHz 8ch. I also bought an frsky D4R-II 2.4GHz ACCST receiver.

In my complete ignorance, I failed to do the proper research as to how to use or pair these two things. I know the Emlid Docs state that the navio2 is compatible with :
For ACCST (most FrSky transmitters)¶
FrSky D4R-II 4ch 2.4Ghz ACCST Receiver
FrSKY V8R7-SP ACCST 7 Channel RX with composite PPM
For FASST (Futaba & some FrSky trasmitters)¶
FrSky TFR4 4ch 2.4Ghz Surface/Air Receiver FASST Compatible

As I mentioned before I have a FrSky D4R-II receiver.

Now that I have explained my situation, my question here is
Can I use my Radiolink transmitter controller with the receiver it came with?
Can I use the FrSky receiver I own with the transmitter from Radiolink?
Or do I return the Radiolink transmitter controller with the receiver it came with and try my best at finding a low cost Frsky radio controller that is compatible with the FrSky D4R-II receiver?

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

This manual says the radiolink receiver supports sbus and ppm output:
so you should be able to use it with the Navio2.

I have Radiolink AT9S tx and both R9DS / R19D rx and I can’t get either of them to work with Navio 2.

Thanks for the help guys. I am not even going to poke at this beast.

I returned the Radiolink and spent the extra hundred dollars on a quality frsky transmitter that is compatible with the frsky reciever I already bought. I will let you know when I get it all set up.

Keep us updated, @edwardt.s.baum :slightly_smiling_face:

It all worked out, I was able to bind the Frsky Taranis x-lite to the D4R-II very easily. Thanks for all the help guys!

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