Conflicting answers on forum. RS+/RS2 as base/rover

I have read a few different threads here. Some say that you CAN and some say you CANNOT use RS+ as base and RS2 as rover.

Which is true? I would like to use RS+ as base (with good clear view of sky, mounted at known position) and RS2 as rover. Will the RS2 rover still be able to achieve a fix quickly with RS+ as base and in sub-optimal conditions (such as light tree cover, etc).

You can go either direction, but you will not get the benefit of the L2 channel so it would basically be like running two RS+'s.

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So, you’re saying the benefit of the L2 channel would do me no good at all since the base only does L1? So, to achieve a fix with RS2 in sub-optimal conditions, I’d need either an RS2 with good connection to an NTRIP CORS correction stream or another RS2 as our own base?

Correct, but you can connect the RS2 you have to NTRIP alone. The benefit of a base and rover setup is that you don’t need NTRIP and/or a subscription and also are prepared in case you are out of range of a service or if the service isn’t working correctly.

We have a free subscription based NTRIP CORS system here (run by our State DOT) but the two closest stations are each about 20-25km away. We have decent mobile data coverage here as well. Typically, my survey tasks are alongside roads that are lined with trees and probably a 8 mile as-the-crow-flies radius would cover our entire area.

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Hi all,

I’d like to emphasise that RS2 rover gets fix very rarely when it is obtaining the corrections from RS+ base. Check this comment from Gleb:

Looks like Reach RS2 fits much better for your working conditions. You can connect RS2 to the Internet and get the corrections from NTRIP, both base stations should work fine. Make sure you use corrections in RTCM format.


Thank you so much for the reply. This makes sense. I have an RS2 on order. I’m planning to use NTRIP as a trial first (I have two base stations that are approx 20km away each). Question. If RS2 has such better/larger baselines, does having our own RS2 base really achieve any better performance (consider our base would be no more than 8-10 km away). Look forward to your response.

Having your own base station will just make you independent from using a 3rd-party services and the Internet which is especially useful in the remote areas.


Makes sense. Thanks.

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