Confirmation of UAV mapping process using Reach RS

Hi guys,

I am looking for a confirmation of the below points by some pro users of the Reach RS units.
This confirmation will allow me to buy multiple sets for my UAV mapping business.

So here it is :

If using a UAV for drone mapping, and a reach system for GCP collection (without a known point for the base), we can achieve :

  1. cm RELATIVE accuracy through the RTK capabilities of the system → this is largely enough for doing measurement between objects in the same map in Pix4d for example (measuring aresa, distances, volumes with centimetric accuracy)
  2. **cm RELATIVE accuracy ** for measurements between maps if the area to map is very large and many flights are needed → Condition is that we use the same co-coordinates meaning that we do not move the base
  3. Absolute accuracy will only be needed in the case we are doing topographical work for cities, construction…, where the client needs to know exactly where the site is on the earth → This is not my business
  4. Absolute accuracy would be easy to obtain if a surveyor gives me a known point where to put the base.

Could you please confirm to me if all 4 points are correct ?

Thank you for your help,

Hé hé Ben, let’s see what others are saying about this.

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