Confirm that easting values look correct

Thansk so much for everyones help.

I managed to get the fixed solutions

Is someone able to take a look at this csv and tell me if the easting values look correct?

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Hi Jake,

I see that CSV files have negative digits in the Easting field. If that’s what you’re worried about, that’s fine. Negative values simply reflect opposite directions. I checked your coordinates on the map using GDA2020 / MGA zone 56 CS and didn’t notice anything strange.

If there’s anything else that doesn’t look right, please let us know.

HI Olesia,

The issue is im trying to import the GCP’s into a mapping job. None of the GCP’s are landing within the photo area.

I know the co-ordinate were accidentally taken in MGA Zone 56 when they should have done in 53.

Im unsure why they arent showing up.

Is there a way to transfer them to Zone 56 so they show up in my project?


If the datum is correct and you need to change just the coordinate system, you can create a new project with the correct CS and import your CSV file there.


It is unlikely that converting between MGA56 and MGA53 is going to work in this instance. You will have to use the Latitude and Longitude to then convert to MGA53 (see attached converted file [_out.csv]).

What is curious though, normally your Elevation does not equal the Ellipsoidal Height. I suspect that being out of bounds of MGA56, it has just reverted to ellipsoid. I’ve attached a second file [_out+AHD.csv] for each where there is also an AHD conversion. Without being familiar with this region, I do not know if these values are expected.