Confirm login on Emlid Flow

I find it somewhat of a nuisance the need to revalidate the login credentials on Emlid Flow for cloud syncing. In my experience, this is not something that happens infrequently. And there seems to be no rhyme or reason why sometimes the app asks to confirm login to resume data sync. Usually I can expect this to happen every couple of days when using the app.

It is too easy for team members using Emlid Flow to not realize they need to confirm the login and then data syncing is therefore paused.


Hi @lucas,

Sorry it’s so quiet here!

Hmm, the login confirmation shouldn’t be required so often. Not every 2 days. I’ll check it with our devs. But could you please specify your mobile device? And what is its OS version?

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We use the most recent iOS 16.5. During a normal M-F workweek, the login must be confirmed at least once. Maybe there is a (security?) reason for this, but I would like to sign in and remain signed in unless I choose to log off - the same way any other cloud service app works (i.e. One Drive). As mentioned before, the biggest annoyance is that a team member does not realize the need to confirm the login for cloud syncing.

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I see, thank you.

When the login confirmation is required, there should be a red dot on the Profile tab. Does it appear?

We also want to investigate why the app asks you to confirm login so often. But it’ll require some sensitive info from you. So I reached out to you via PM.

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Same here.

I thought the reason was that I sometimes log into two mobile devices simultaneously.

On some occasions, I can’t connect the devices on one mobile, so I have to use the other phone.

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Hi Sergio,

What mobile devices do you work with? Are they on iOS as well?

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Hola Julia,

I use Android on both devices. One is Google Pixel 3 v12, and the other is a Ulefone Armor 8 pro v11

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Hey guys,

By any chance do you have the Emlid Flow app set to update automatically? There have been times when Flow is updated every week or 10 days. When it is updated, it could ask for a login. This may make it seem like it’s asking too often.

If you are certain this is happening independent of an update then disregard this. I’m just spitballing here!


Hey guys,

Sorry for the late comments! Just wanted to say that regular app updates shouldn’t cause confirming the login additionally.

We’re waiting for Lucas to share the data from the iOS device so that we can check this case with the devs. But speaking of Android, it’s a little different there. @deraciao, how often do you need to confirm login?

I don’t use the equipment daily. However I can say that I used the equipment maybe two weeks ago and today I am at a site and it asked me to login again. On both phones.



Got it. Let me discuss it with our devs. I’ll keep you posted.


Today I got asked again to log in so that you know. Thank you Julia