Configuring Sim card in Reach RS2

I have the same problem as I can configure vodafone and tim sims.
I have already seen the video tutorial and disabled the tab pins.

Hi Aldo,

Have you tried using APNs? What’s the firmware version on your device?

Hi Tatiana,

how can I set APNs?
my firmware is 2.20.7

Hi Aldo,

You can enter it in the Mobile data tab of ReachView.

Also, may I ask you to share the screenshot of your Mobile data ReachView tab and the Full System Report generated on this device?

hi Tatiana,

I have the complete report with tim italia card
the button to activate the mobile network does not activate if I click
I forward you the report
I tried to insert the following APN

link to download the report

Hi Aldo,

I’ll check the report and write back to you.

Hi Tatiana
I solved the problem
I entered APN and activated the voice share mobile data from reach in hotspot mode
then I turned the RS2 reach off and on again

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Hi Aldo,

Great to know it!

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