Configuring sbus on Navio2

Hello All:

I am using Navio2 with FlySky-FS-i6 RC transmitter and FL-ia6B receiver(supports iBus). I had been using the RC with PPM and has been working great. I wanted to configure the RC to use IBus, so I can use all the way up to 10 channels. Has anyone configured iBus with Navio2? Do I need to do any specific configuration on the GCS ( I use Mission Planner). If anyone has used FlySky RC and has used iBus/sbus, I would like to understand how to configure it. I could not find any details on emlid navio2 documentation.



Navio2 supports PPM and SBus, it does not support FlySky IBus.


Thansk Sebastian. I was under the impression sBus and iBus are pretty much the same. I haven’t looked into those details as yet.

That said, I was going to iBus since I want to use all 10 channels on the RC. I have updated the FlySky firmware to support 10 up from 6 channels. Does ardupilot/emlid support channels if I use ppm? The only other option I would have is then to go for some other RC tx/rx that would support more channels.


@kirtiprabhu did you have any luck?
I’ve just gotten Navio2 up and running coming from a race drone background. I have Flysky ia6c chips and some Frsky chips as well in case they don’t work but I really hope so. Are you using it for quadcopter? 10channels sounds like you might want it for a wing/plane. Either way I hope alls well.

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