Configuring reach view app to carry out surveys

I have recently purchased a new mobile phone and I remember that there was a process to carry out to configure your phone to be able to use the app successfully when doing surveys. Any information would be great. Thanks.

Hi @greencurvesdesign,

Usually, there are no additional requirements for mobile phone settings.

You can take a look at Quickstart guides from our docs. Also, we have a Youtube channel with video guides. They will walk you through the first setup, configuring RTK, and point collection processes.

If something isn’t clear enough, please let me know. I’ll help you with any questions.

Thanks Elena.

Perhaps you’re referring to loading an app to use a bluetooth connection to allow the emlid GPS data to replace the data from your phone’s GPS app? If so in Android I use Bluetooth GPS and then set up the bluetooth connection in the Rover. If you need more info on this just let me know.

Hello Frank,
Thanks for your response. I was referring to a geoid model that was necessary to upload which mathematically interprets the coordinates. It was this file that needed to be uploaded and placed somewhere in the configuration if I remember correctly but in the previous reply Elena has advised that there is no additional configuration necessary once I have the app and I can view the start up info that is available. .

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