Configure reach m+ with sony alpha 6000

Hello all…
I’m newbie… verry newbie …
Everyone can you help me …
How to configure the emlid reach m+ with sony alpha 6000 ?

Hi Warga,

To record time-marks with Reach M+ at the moment each photo is taken, you need to integrate the device with the camera via the hot-shoe. You can find a guide on it here.

How to configure the cable…?

Trigger camera: from drone
Power emlid reach m+: from power bank

And now, how to configure the port " C1 " to hotshoe??

@polina.buriak ,
My hotshoe just 3 cable…? Can be use? Because the port " C1 " have 5 cable…

Can you show to me about the wiring diagram for this problem?

Hi Warga,

Are you planning to record time-marks with Reach M+ or would you like to trigger camera with Reach as well?

It’s usually better to trigger the camera with the autopilot as it has more information about the flight plan and can make more informed decisions on when to fire the camera.

To integrate Reach M+ with the Sony A6000 for time-marks recording, we recommend using the hot-shoe camera adapter. You can find out how to use it in this guide.

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