Configure raspi from keyboard after apm on startup help

Hi! I had my project on hold for a while due to not having the required parts for radio transmission, now when i have all the parts I have the raspi starting apm at startup so i cant run commands from a keyboard. Now I am on a different network than before so I cannot reach my pi from another pc at the moment so how can I configure the pi now? or is it time to reset the os and start again?

Im not 100% if this answers your question, hopefully this is what you are looking for.

You should still be able to access the pi if you have dhcp enabled. Which it is on stock raspbian or the emlid real time image.

Connect your pi with an ethernet cable to the router on the new network, so the router can see/assign the pi an ip.

Once you have the ip use ssh to access the pi and reconfigure for your new network.

Hope that helps, sorry if I misunderstood the problem.

You understood the question but i failed to mention that i have a static ip on my pi and the network ip is not compatible with the one i have set ( pi ip: and network ips:, so i need a way to exit the apm on pi startup

For the future use No-ip for example (DNS).

I have in my PI and ground station.

use a Ethernet cable in your pi, and look in your router the PI IP, usy Putty to connect running in your desktop

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Just add a second IP address to your computer within the same old subnet, so you can connect then update the IP address (or switch to DHCP) on the Pi. I do this often on Windows when I need to reset a router or other device to factory defaults. I’m not sure of the Linux commands but I’m pretty sure both systems support dynamically adding IP addresses to the same adapter. If you’re using Windows it’s easy (go to adapter settings, TCPIP properties, advanced, then add a second IP to the list in the GUI). On Linux I think it’s editing the networks config file thingy, or maybe direct interface configuration commands.

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