Configuration setting (problems I think)

Hi Guys,
I need your help, I bought the Reach Rs+ some years ago
I used it a little , without to need it, I try it (and I wasn’t completely satisfy)
I did some test:
I record one point (in FIX status)
and after
I restart the GPS, amd I try to “stake out” the point
(without to move the “rover” form the tripod…)
the error is of… not a centimeter
some advices?

Hi @g.morbelli,

Please provide me with the following details:

  • Could you please clarify if the rover got the Fix again before the stakeout?

  • How was the base position determined? Is there any chance it was collected as the average Single?

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Hi Kseniia

it can be I found solution to my problem, I discussed to a boy on the Emlid user group on facebook
I found him and I wrote him on private, I must to do some test
(it was a problem of setting of the corrections)
anyway, yes the solution was in FIX (always), and the base is a national net (is precise)
Grazie mille

Hi @g.morbelli,

Glad to hear that you’ve possibly found a solution! Please keep me posted with the results and don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions.

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