Config REACH with a fixed IP over LAN

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I’m setting up a ‘Community’ CORS station using a reach board. I am hosting the receiver at a university and have been given a fixed ip for the receiver allowing us to run a public ip or port forwarding once we get the antenna and receiver setup. I will connect the receiver OTG to our LAN network using a lan adapter. I have lots of experience connecting to the REACH over wifi etc but zero getting it on a hardwired network. Is there a workflow to set the IP, subnet, gateway and DNS of the receiver to the IP i want to use? I need some advice on configuring to a fixed IP on the Edison. Thanks in advance!


Edit: Uhm… For the LAN part over OTG. that might be different story, possibly. So not sure i gave you the right tip

Yeh it’s the LAN fixed IP i need a bit of help with. Not sure if the ‘LAN’ connection will use the same IP as WIFI, alos wonder is the device MAC adress the same via wifi and OTG.



I would guess that you would specify a static IP for the reach in your router settings. Then the address to the reach would always be the same from anywhere on the LAN even in the event of power cycles. Assignment of ip is generally the responsibility of the router not the device itself.

See if this make more sence. @bide is awesome as usual :heart_eyes:

And this

But this part here… what adapter are your referring to?

I have a Netgear USB to lan adaptor that is working ok. My Uni network team have allocated an IP for me as they require a fixed ip to be registered with network attached hardware. My plan is to add this fixed ip to the reach and we communicate using this ‘new ip’. Our uni WiFi will be unreliable for a CORS setup as IPs are dynamic and recycled regularly. Thanks for the feedback so far!!

Conor, If your LAN does not have a DHCP server, then disregard this. Otherwise, read on. A device receives it’s ip address assignment from the router or switch. It doesn’t get to decide. When your Reach connects to a network, the DHCP server, usually in the router, assigns the ip. After you connect the Reach, you can go into the router settings and RESERVE that address for the Reach, or assign it the ip that your network guys want you to use, and going forward, it will always use that ip. The Reach module should happily accept whatever ip is asigned to it.

You said “[I] have been given a fixed ip for the receiver”. When you connect the Reach to the network, the MAC address of the Reach will be identified. Your network guy can then reserve the ip they want you to use to that mac address. Any time the router sees that mac address connected to the network it will assign it that reserved address.

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