Computer Science final project!

Hey guys! I’m new here… But anyways… I’m a senior computer science student from the Dominican Republic and doing a research for my final project. I want to make a Delivery Drone and I want to use the Navio+ because with it and the raspberry pi I can have a webserver and control the Drone via internet.

So, any recommendations?
***I’m think I will use a Hexacopter? Does someone have any experience?

VTOL is the key and support for that has been recently added to APM. The problem is multi-rotors are inefficient and slow when travelling long distances.

In a perfect world with an unlimited budget you could use something like this plus the “wing” add-on:

But this is over the top (and probably too noisy to be accepted) so the VTOL wing idea is really best for delivery. That’s what Google are still playing with (people thought they’d given-up but they appeared at a recent Maker Fair presenting the VTOL delivery drone as still a serious plan).

I don’t know of any alternative to Navio+ which is in the same price range and allows full PC (well at least RasPi 2 generation) capabilities. So you’re on the right path with that and APM, good luck!