Components for building quadcopter

I have ordered the Navio+ package for my engineering project on quadcopter. I would like suggestions about starting off my project using this Navio+. since my teammates and myself are still novice in building quadcopter, we would liked to be instructed step by step how to start this project. we also wanted to know whether we could buy a drone and make customization to it or should we build a drone ourselfs such that it support navio+. If so please suggest us the components which are inexpensive such that we could not make much investment on this project. Kindly help us.

Sriharsha, please start from reading through the forums and in general on the internet and come back with more specific questions.

does the drone work with components in the above link you specified

I got the navio+ board i had ordered. what’s next? I have raspberry pi2 B model. How to integrate it and virtualise it on my pc before getting on the hands of the copter.


did you ever get this project flying?

im looking for a long range long flight time fpv quad and control with 4g lte

maybe you could assist me


Currently i’m done with flying rc… i need assistance to do the same with apm…and we guys are using 4g for long range comm…