Completely removing servo power rail connection?

I have a project that requires the use of 12 high voltage servos. I know the traditional way to accomplish this is to use a power separation board like this one, but the project has limited space and weight requirements, and having two of those floating around is going to making wiring really messy.

I was wondering if there is a diode or a regulator that can be desoldered to completely isolate the servo rail from the rest of the board? The goal would be to feed the servo rail 2s lipo power, and power the Navio and RPi using the power module. I’m fine with voiding the warranty.

Hi Nate,

You should remove M1 and M2, as shown on the picture:

Please do not forget that receiver also gets power from the servo rail.

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Thanks Igor, you have saved me from a good deal of headaches.

I’m planning to use the new CPPM capable version of the X4R-SB. It claims to be 10v tolerant, we’ll see when I bring it into the lab for a torture test. :smile:

I’m slightly worried about sending too much current through the power bus, are you able to tell me the size of the traces there? I haven’t got the new servos on my bench to do current testing yet, so I’m not sure how much of a problem it will be yet.

The traces are 1mm 35um(1oz) copper on top and bottom.