Complete noob to drones, navio2, Taranis X9D Plus cant get telemetry

Using a XSR 2.4GHz 16CH. I only get a couple readings for telemetry and “discover new sources” dosnt find any. Only getting A2, RxBT, and RSSI on my taranis x9d plus. I dont have the yellow or blue wires from the xsr connected to anything. Is this the issue?

I have been slowly trying to build a drone and appreciate anybody willing to help me figure this out.

Hi @chasthanhburns,

I’d be glad to help you in finding the right way here, but I need more details on this issue to figure out what went wrong. Please, provide the following information:

  1. Navio2 Image and ArduPilot version.
  2. Detailed problem description. How does observed behavior differ from the expected one?
  3. Your step-by-step actions.
  4. Picture of the setup and connection scheme.
  5. Exact make and model of additional hardware.

I cant show you guys pictures because you will laugh and mock me.

I am trying to get telemetry data to show up on my taranis x9d plus from my XSR.

I already have a 3Dr telemetry module connected to the UART plug on the navio2. I can get telemetry to my computer from it in mission planner.

I also get telemetry on my computer from the wifi with the ip of the computer running mission planner.

I have my XSR connected to my NAVIO2 at the PPM/SB 3 pin connection as shown on

This leaves a CPPM and a S.port wire unused on the XSR.

Can I just plug the S.port wire from the XSR into the UARTTX_DF13 pin on the NAVIO2 to get the telemetry data sent as shown on

Hi @chasthanhburns,

I’m sure your setup is okay :slightly_smiling_face:. After all, we all start small at something new.

You need to connect +5V, GND, SBUS ports on XSR to the PPM/SB pins on the servo rail of Navio2. So, it’s right that CPPM and S.port will be unused here.

Currently, it looks like you missed the binding procedure. It’s needed for linking the receiver with a transmitter. You need to follow the instructions from the manual to set this up. If I found it right, it should be the following manual.

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I appreciate the response.

My taranis transmitter is already bound to the XSR receiver. I stumbled through that about a year ago. I work really slowly! I just want to get telemetry data sent to the transmitter.

I just dont want to unplug the UART for the ground station telemetry.

I wish I could find more information about the pin outs of 1017, 1018, UARTTX_DF13, and UARTTX_DF14…

I will probably just plug the s.port wire from the SXR receiver into the UARTTX_DF13 pin on the NAVIO2 and test it when I get brave enough.

I am fairly stupid, however it appears to me from the little internet reading I have done that the NAVIO2 sends telemetry data out over the UARTtx pin and receives data over the UARTrx pin. So if I was to splice a wire to the UARTtx wire I could run the same data being sent to the ground station to the XSR receiver which would send it to the transmitter. However using the UARTTX_DF13 pin would be cleaner and may have been provided access to because splicing into the actual UARTtx pin could cause interference or something.

I just wish the data on the pinout was more through than provided on

Hopefully I dont burn something up if I resort to just plugging wires in or splicing wires together.

Thank you again for responding.

I have an odd type of ADD were I work on something for a day or 2 then put it away for months.

I just found this article and saw that the XSR in it has solder points on the back and the article says that the A arrow can be soldered to a tx on a flight controller. And that the B arrow might need to be connected to the rx on a flight controller. Uninverted SBUS and Smart Port on Frsky Receivers - Oscar Liang

It says something about the signals needing to be inverted, so I guess I shouldn’t just run the S.port line to the tx on the NAVIO2.

Either way It seems like the B arrow wouldnt be needed on the NAVIO2 controller as the Sbus is already being received by the PPM on the NAVIO2.

What do you think? Should I try wiring the S.port on the XSR to the tx on the NAVIO2 or should I try to wiring arrow A from link to the tx on the NAVIO2?

Also still wondering if I can just use a splitter on the UART for the tx pin to run tx signal to both the ground station over the UART and the XSR through either the A arrow or the S.port.

Sorry about babbling and incoherence if I am explaining things wrong.

Hi @chasthanhburns,

I believe I understand better now what you’re trying to achieve with XSR. I haven’t had any experience with this particular device, so it wasn’t obvious to me first :sweat_smile:.

If I recall correctly, FrSky receivers use the PassThrough protocol for telemetry. The communication via PassThrough protocol can’t be configured on Navio2 as it doesn’t support it. It looks like the only way is to use separate modules for telemetry here. Usually, the telemetry modules don’t require excessive configuration, so you won’t have to spend much time on the setup.

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