complete noob to drones, navio2, and raspberry but trying to learn slowly. HELP NEEDED

I have no motors, esc’s, or drone frame but am slowly putting things together. I have a taranis x9d plus that I finally got to bind to a xsr receiver after randomly flashing firmware to transmitter and receiver about a month ago. It has sat on a shelf for a month while i took a brake and built a alt coin mining rig. I finally received a new raspberry pi in the mail after repeatedly failing to get a older one to boot up. Turned out that it was a bad sd card and both will boot up now. I fought through getting the raspberry to connect to computer with ssh over the past 2 days and now can get into the navio on the pi using putty.

Trying to follow this page on connecting to ground station (mission planner). I am at this portion. (( Specifying launching options)) and figured out that I needed to use (( pi@navio: ~ $ sudo vi /etc/default/arducopter )) instead of (( pi@navio: ~ $ sudo nano /etc/default/arducopter )) to be able to change the ip address of (( TELEM1="-A udp:" )) to (( TELEM1="-A udp: listing of my ipv4 ip address" )).

I saved it, then reloaded it. I then rebooted and ran systemctl status to verify ip address changed. which it did. However mission planner still does not connect.

Anyone know what I did wrong? Besides thinking I could do any of this that is.

Hi @chasthanhburns,

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You need to specify the IP address of the PC where Mission Planner is installed. It will look like this: TELEM1="-A udp:" where is the address of your PC in the local network. You can check this guide that explains how to find out the IP address of the PC on Windows.

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