Complete Loss of signal for short time on Base unit not moved

I had a complete lost of all satellites on the Reach RS Base but the Base unit was not moved. What could cause this?

Hi Tim, could you please post the corresponding log here?

Hi Dmitriy, here you go. I should have included that with the original post so you did not have to ask. Thanks for checking it.

@timmyd, can you give me permission to access your files?


@timmyd, have you been near the base during the whole observation time?

Hi Andrew, the base was in my front yard and I believe I let it log for about 4 hours. I did not stay outside with the base the entire time it was logging. But I am also confident no one came by the base or messed with it during the observation.

@timmyd, according to the log, it seems that there’s no issue with the device.
However, you faced with some kind of interference.
Such behavior can be caused by a variety of factors, so I think it’s better to make one more test in the same place to see if the issue persist.

Let me know about the result.

I have had my base init there multiple times with no other issues. I was more concerned with trying to find out what could possibly cause total interference and disruption of a signal. As I’ve stated I’ve had it there multiple times and never had such a problem.

A bird or cat perched atop the GNSS antenna?

Perhaps a military aircraft testing their GPS jammer? Or a military base nearby doing the same thing?

Or some other interference?

Bide, the military testing seems most logical but I thought they are supposed to put out warnings when this is being done?? I would say definitely not an animal. This same thing happened, maybe 4-6 months ago (I looked but could not find the log). There was complete break on both my Base and Rover, so I felt very confident there was some type of GPS jamming taking place even though there was no announcement of testing.

Several weeks ago there was an hour or so missing from the log of a CORS unit I use regularly for PPK. I had never observed a cycle lapse like that on a CORS log file.

I guess it will be one those things that I just never know and I guess if I did know why it does not change anything. I checked out the links you provided and I would guess that this most recent cycle lapse and the one I experienced several months back was due to some type of GNSS jamming. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!