Compile Options for Navio2 : git checkout navio?

Hi All,

I’m compiling from sources, for Navio2, on the Raspi directly, as per guidelines here . The compile works.

However, I’m unclear whether or not to use the navio branch of the Ardupilot code, like
git checkout navio,
as suggested in this forum post, from Aug’15.

I dont know if it’s deprecated, or does using:
waf configure --board=navio2, do the job?

Any help will be useful, as Im trying to modify the code, and would like to use the correct code base.


We recommend using a branch that is as stable as possible. For instance, git checkout Copter-3.4 before compiling to use AC-3.4.

So, there’s no tag called ‘Copter-3.4’. The latest copter tag is called : “ArduCopter-3.1.5”:
$ git checkout Copter-3.4
error: pathspec ‘Copter-3.4’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

Also, on a git checkout, the waf folder is empty, and I cant use waf to compile. How can I get the correct verion that has the waf folder?


Sorry for misleading options. I have a local Copter-3.4 branch that I’m used to. In case of AC you should use ArduCopter-beta tag.