Competition for Reach: SkyTraq's S2525F8-BD-RTK OEM RTK Module

I just spotted that SkyTraq has just announced their new S2525F8-BD-RTK OEM RTK Module which seems to a competitor to Reach.

SkyTraq Launches Miniature Low-Power RTK Receiver for UAS and Mobile Platform

Some preliminary technical info is here:
Technical PDF

The module should draw 300mA and I guess it will be smaller than Reach. It is simpler than Reach since it only can output precise coordinates in NMEA-0183 while Reach will thanks to its x86 CPU most likely allow some “user programming”.

However, the skytraq module says it will only have 2.5m accuracy in autonomous mode.
Why is this?
Will reach work with cm accuracy in autonomous mode? Or is it a limitation of APM?

The autonomous mode means it is not using RTK but acts as a normal stand-alone GPS receiver (without the RTK correction data feed from other raw gps sensor). So those 2.5 meters is quite a normal value for this mode of operation.

Ok, that makes more sense.