Compatible Apps for BT Connection & Point Capture

Just getting my pair of Reach RSs set up, and interested in getting accurate GCPs for photogrammetry. Currently using an iPhone, and having a tough time finding apps that would be able to use the Position Output from my rover. It would appear the Bluetooth connection to iOS doesn’t seem to be fully supported, so maybe I need to use an Android device to do this.

If that’s the case, what are the apps that you have tried that work great with the BT output from the RS? I’m hoping to save a handful of points in memory and be able to export them for use later on, rather than having to sift through the raw data off the Reach unit itself.

Appreciate all input!

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Best app by far on android for mapping with reach is MapIt.
Comes in a free version + a variety of paid extensions.

I also use the Cybertracker program which allows for cascading forms and track recording at the same time.


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