Compatibility with RF-900

Is the RF-900 Long range telemetry radio comparable with Navio+. I am looking to buy one for my Navio+ for long range telemetry. If not what would you suggest would work best as a wifi doggle for long range.

This is where I found the radio.

I am going to take a risk here and say you can use all equipment that is compatible with Pixhawk/APM2.x with the Navio. Sonar/Infrared sensors have still to be tested.
I am using the 3dr (Hobbyking) 433MHz radios with my Navio connected through USB.

@schuermannsebastian is right, it should work. Not tested though.

Thank you, I am planning to use it as a backup for 4G telemetry. I will test it and report back here.