Compatibility Issue with ThinkSystem QLogic 50Gb Flex Ethernet Adapters and Emlid

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Our organization recently acquired ThinkSystem QLogic 50Gb Flex Ethernet Adapters to improve network performance in our data center. However, when attempting to integrate these adapters with Emlid hardware, we encountered unexpected challenges that are impeding seamless communication and optimal performance.


  1. Link Fluctuations: We have observed intermittent link fluctuations when connecting the ThinkSystem QLogic 50Gb adapters to Emlid devices. This results in unreliable connectivity and intermittent data transfer disruptions.
  2. Incompatible Drivers: The drivers provided by QLogic for these adapters seem to encounter compatibility issues with the Emlid hardware, leading to driver installation failures or unexpected errors during system boot-up.
  3. Limited Documentation: We have encountered a lack of comprehensive documentation from both QLogic and Emlid regarding compatibility guidelines and known issues, making it challenging to pinpoint the root cause of the problem.
  4. Performance Degradation: Even when the adapters are recognized and functional, we have noticed a noticeable reduction in network performance compared to expectations, raising concerns about the optimal utilization of the 50Gb capabilities.

Hi Marco,

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Could you please explain your hardware setup? How are you connecting the Reach receivers to these Ethernet adapters and what data are you getting or expecting to get from them? I need to know how they’re integrated into this network and what your ultimate goals are.

More detailed information about the entire setup will help us find a possible solution for you.

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