Compatibility DJI E600 with Navio+

Although I’m still waiting for my Navio+… I’m thinking about my future project: wondering if someone used the dji e600 and if it works well.

What kind of radios are recommended for raspberry pi and it is possible to put on top of the navio a gsm module to change coordinates with a txt message while flying?



We tested the e600 and they works fine with navigo +…


Hello Roberto, thanks for your answer.

I was reading that DJI E600 recommended a 6S Lipo with a voltage: 14.8V~25.2V. I was wondering if I need an extra power separation board? Because I read in the Hardware setup section that Powering servo rail > To provide power to the servo rail plug your drone’s BEC into any free channel on the servo rail. Use BECs that provide voltage in a range of 4.8-5.3V. If you’d like to use high voltage servos, use a power separation board.

I will need a separation board? if i will, which one do you think is convenient?


BEC provides regulated power to 5V, so you would not need a power separation board.

Thank you!

Wondering if I’m getting the right cable configuration in my project? I’m still waiting for the new power module for the 6s lipo…

@netxingnet it is hard to tell from the picture, but seems correct.

I suggest that you upgrade your Raspberry Pi to B+. There is one unsafe scenario when using old RPi. If you are powering from PM and at the same time attach USB power, current will flow to USB as old RPi does not have protection diode. You might even fry your USB power supply. Please be careful.
Another thing I am concerned about is that you will not be able to properly fix Navio+ to Raspberry Pi model B.

Thank you. I will get the rpbi B+ then. I will upload better pictures when i have something polished.