Compass orientation after using AHRS_ORIENTATION


So I have a Navio2 setup in a fixed wing and AHRS_ORIENTATION set to Roll90 Pitch180 Yaw90 to get my artificial horizon working correctly. Problem is the compass reads off, the nearest I have had it is 45degrees off, the worst 180 degrees. Ocassionally I get the compass variation error.

On graphing mx my mz and mx2 my2 mz2 I notice mz and mz2 track together, the other axes don’t.

If I set my AHRS_ORIENTATION to none and perform a mag cal then the various magnetic axes track together correctly.

It seems to make no difference if the autopilot is in or out of the airframe or in or out of my building.

So do I need to set COMPASS_ORIENT and/or COMPASS_ORIENT2 ? Or is this not the source of my compass errors. If I do need to set them then what out of the 1400 ish combinations do I use ?


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