Company to build housing + power supply?

we’re looking for someone who could help building the reach into a complete mobile surveying device. This means stable housing, and an integrated robust & rechargeable power supply…

Until now we’re using lunch boxes with USB powerbanks inside, but the main problems are:

  • heat (we’re operating in Africa, reach gets quite warm… I had a 3D housing soften and deform)
  • switching on and off without opening the housing

The solution should also stand some rain (water proof antenna cable outlet, switch) and allow for WIFI & BT connection (no full metal case…)

If anyone knows a company or maker that we could contract, please let us know…
Preferably Europe based

That would be great. At the moment i’m using a 3D printed housing with a Outdoor Power Bank, but it doesn’t look very professional and is not rain-safe.
I’m interested too…

Are you doing post-processing or RTK?

I do RTK with Sapos in Germany.

Multirotorcraft is making a dual purpose dome. Firstly its design allows it to be used on the drone with a 100mm ground plane, then a second one is used with a tripod adaptor and flipped upside down, the 180mm plate is added to to larger end. It will be water tight and have a protected USB and charge jack in the side.

But is there any power supply included? (as you say charging plug?)

Yes we are going to have a high capacity nickel cad battery from something like a Futaba and use the standard charger. The battery is then connected to a filtered Bec with a USB connection to the reach module. At the moment the base station is translucent so the Bec and reach LEDs can be seen through the shell. But will probably put a Perspex rod to relay the reach led to the outer shell.

We have made the shell exactly 150mm from the tripod mount to the ground plane. And a datum is between the two ridges at the rim of the dome.

I would like to finish it off with a low profile dome but haven’t yet asked anyone at Emlid about plastic types that do not interfere with the stock gnss reciever.

However we are also looking at a slim version using this in a flash light style configuration that screws to a tripod.

We have a few survey style tripod fitting coming in shortly so we can standardise the fitting to an existing tripod used by most survayours including the Leica style rod attachment.

Very Interesting.

However, w’re currently working with bigger antennas, e.g. from HArxon, which gives better reception and as far as I can tell less problems with multipath (really great improvements in getting fixes cvoer the talysman + groudnplane).

So we’re more interested in just battery + housing for the reach. But keep me updated!