Community Tests of Reach RS2 Launched

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It has been two months since we announced our new Reach RS2 multi-band RTK GNSS receiver. Until the end of May, you can still pre-order Reach RS2 with a $75 discount. As we have recently sold out the first batch, the shipping date is now moved to mid-July. Make sure you secure your unit in the second batch by pre-ordering now!

With the release of RS2, we sent several pre-production units to our most active users worldwide. They are doing a lot of interesting tests along with providing precious feedback so we can put finishing touches before global shipping.

Today we would love to share some Reach RS2 photos from the field from our testers!

Reach RS2 tests in South Africa by the professional land surveyor Luke Wijnberg and his survey dogs Charlie and Tara

Reach RS2 tests in challenging conditions. RS2 gets fix under the trees in Denmark

Our user Tore from Norway is baking another Reach. So far, RS2 is doing well at 63.8 degrees Celsius

Surveying with Reach RS2 in the forest in Latvia with obstructed sky view and high slopes

RS2 at work in Canada

We also go out with Reach RS2 on a daily basis to test new features and improvements. Here’s our Application Engineer Tatiana with Reach RS2 near our office building.

Very soon we’ll start posting detailed reports from our users overviewing different features of Reach RS2 and demonstrating its performance. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest news!

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These are some awesome photos. :smile:


Any early users/testers in USA?

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I will be an “almost early tester” as soon as delivery occurs next month.


I assume that all industries will be included in the testing? I know there are at least 5-6 different use-cases on this forum.

We’ll try to cover as many use cases as we can :slight_smile:


That’s great, thanks @dmitriy.ershov!

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