Communication (no wifi) between groundcontrol and navio2

Hello everyone. I was wondering how do I communicate between the ground control software and the navio2 without using wifi. Is that what the UART/USB radio extension is for?

and would this work?

It may work. Air module is only UART (no Usb). Some genuine modules have both UART and USB interfaces. It is convenient for Navio use (if using UART for second GPS).


thank you. How do I set it so that the drone sends a signal to the laptop with qgroundcontrol on it?

previously I set the ip address in the arducopter config to my laptop but that was when I was on my wifi connection and I don’t have that available rn for the drone

If you use Navio2 UART connector, Telem parameter is -C /dev/ttyAMA0

If you use the Raspberry USB, Telem is -C /dev/ttyUSB0


Okay thank you. Do you know any good usb air modules that I can purchase?

I’m looking to a good one also. “3DR” telemetry modules should do we work, but the result are not consistent with ground station. It could be fine if used with a PC but I have some quality problems with my latest Android phone.

I’m waiting for a new product:

I ordered the ZOONv1, I expect to get it by the end of the month, they have some factory delay.


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