Communicate with the different components

I am interesting in developing\modifying DGPS software for my own needs.
For this task I need 2 sets of GPS which can give my raw data (equivalent to RINEX) and 9DOF IMU.

After searching in the net, I found the two products REACH RTK and NAVIO2.

From the documentation I understood that REACH comes with RTKLib software. Is it possible to boot the CPU with modified software version? Is it possible to store the RAW data on the chip or do i need a data logger?
Is there a documentation for this?

From the other side, EMLID have the NAVIO2 product, which seems to work with Raspberry Pi3.
I was unable to understand if this chip comes with RTKLib software or this software should be placed in the Raspberry. I am also not sure if the IMUs is placed on the chip or if i need to buy them separately.


The intel Edison on reach runs with yocto Linux. You can ssh on reach and modify it.

Raw data log is part of reach and can easy downloaded by web frontend or with ssh.

Imu is actually not part of the reach frontend and rtklib but you can access the imu with Linux.

Regards Andreas

NAVIO2 is an autopilot (also with a GPS module, but NEO M8N is not suitable for RTK GPS!
both have an IMU onboard, Navio2 has two IMUs!

so you’ll need reach

Andreas did answer that above

you have the option to store raw or solution data onboard (about 1gb)

under Introduction | RTK Modules there is documentation for your needs; (you’ll be fine with 1.2 firmware for reach)
currently there is a new beta which is under developement - when all bugs are sorted out docs will be updated!

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