Command Line Interface (CLI) for Emlid Studio

Hi Everyone,

Is there a command line interface to Emlid Studio? If no, could we please get one?

Use case: We have multiple hours of rover and base observations as single files, as well as time stamps for the intervals where the interesting data lies. Currently we either process the whole log at once (running single-core, rather slow), or start numerous instances of Emlid and manually input all the setting - among others for logs duration - while this takes advantage of multiple cores on the host machine, it is very error prone. It would be awesome to be able to run such a command:

emlidstudio -rover "path/to/rover/logs" -base "path/to/base/logs" -nav "path/to/nav/logs" -from [start_date_and_time] -to [end_date_and_time] -filter [filter_type] -elevation_mask [xx_degrees] -output_folder "path/to/output/folder" ...

This would allow more streamlined and less error-prone processing on multicore machines.



Hi Marcel,

Emlid Studio doesn’t have a command-line version. And currently, we don’t have plans to add it. But what you described sounds similar to package processing. So, if you wouldn’t mind, I’ll register your feature request like this one.

Hi Svetlana,

Thanks for the info.

It is a pitty that no CLI is planned. In case that does not change, could there be at least a way to save configuration files, so a collection of settings could be loaded and applied to different datasets without having to do all the clicking? Again, this is very error-prone. I believe it would be great to be able to automate at least some steps.

Package processing, like e.g. “batch processing” in QGIS, right? While not as easy to use as a CLI, it would still be a useful feature.


Hi Marcel,

Sounds fair. I’ll note it too.

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