Combining Broken Logs

So to day I tired to use the PPK workflow of logging points, I was working a large job site with a few miles of road in high mtn terrain. I was worried about signal loss from the base to the rover, I enable two logs on the base and the three on the rover. Problem is I had to shut down the rover, not realizing it would break the log file. (Kicking my self now)

How do i go about using both the log files from the rover?

I believe you can just concatenate your raw log files together. Iā€™m pretty sure I have done it in the past and then run the combined file through RTKCONV.exe.

On Linux, you could do it like this:
cat raw_201706120000.UBX raw_201706120100.UBX raw_201706120200.UBX > raw_20170612_combined.UBX

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