Combine depth data to Reach(View)

Hi there,
Wondering if anyone has thought about and/or looked at how depth soundings from an echo sounder, transmitted over Bluetooth as NMEA (or other), can be logged simultaneously with a solution produced in ReachView?
Latency issues maybe apparent but it can be worked around I suppose.
Welcome any thoughts/suggestions.


I am not sure this is the same, but is has been a request for proximity sound during float fix with points.

Hi there TB_RTK,
Not the same thing unfortunately.
I’m talking about talking a parameter from a 3rd party instrument (echosounder in this case, but could be LIDAR) and recording it as part of the solution.
Perhaps this is in the wrong thread?
I reckon developers would know - just need to get their attention :wink:


@e.atkin There is currently no out of the box way to achieve that, but I believe that this sort of data collection should be rather done by the instrument itself. In case of laser scanners or echo sounders they would usually have NMEA input over RS232 for GPS and PPS input for synchronization. The data will be geotagged automatically in this scenario. Laser scanners and echo sounders produce a lot of data and it makes more sense to move the data from the GPS receiver into them rather than in the opposite direction.

Hi Igor,

Thanks for getting involved. I thought this would be the case, especially after trawling the documentation, but wanted to make sure.
I agree that it does make more sense to have GPS data tagging to the 3rd party (which generally collect at higher freq). However, a lot of the big RTK companies have developed options within there software (e.g. Smartworx) to integrate 3rd party data, in some cases this is seamless, in others there are additional drivers/dlls to install.
Anyway, all cleared up. Just have to work on ensuring the sync is right now.

Thanks again