Collecting points in FIX status only

I am by no means an expert so forgive me if this is a simple solution;

In a recent project we were setting GCPs for our drone in a heavily wooded area. FIX status would occasionally drop for a second or two which is fine and not surprising in the least.
However, when logging a point in these areas the log would reset if FIX dropped even for just a moment. I confirmed several times in different devices the option for “FIX ONLY” was not checked but the issue continued.
Am I just misunderstanding this function? Made it very challenging as we hoped to log the difficult locations for a few minutes.

Thank you for any advice,


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Hi Jared,

Thanks for your question!

You’re correct. When the FIX only setting is enabled in the Survey settings, it allows you only to collect a point in case of the FIX status. If the collection of a point drops while this setting is disabled, most likely, it means that the receiver gets the No solution status. It seems possible since you’re working in very challenging conditions.

If it’s something else, please record a screencast showing where the collection of a point drops. It’ll be helpful for me to see it to understand the root cause.

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I do not have a screen cast of the event but it simply is logging a point, in this case for 1 minute. 20, 30, even 40 seconds into the 1 minute logging the rs2 chimes to let us know fix has been lost and the collection timer starts over.
The unit was unable to keep fix for a 60 seconds without dropping so in emlid flow we unable to collect a point for that time. Again this is after confirming the FIX ONLY was OFF
So is it correct to assume Emlid Flow should be able to still log a point even if FIX status is coming in and out?
Or is it more accurate to say I need to collect for short moments, like 5-10 seconds, so I can get it captured before I lose FIX?

It should be possible to collect a point in any of the FIX, FLOAT, or SINGLE statuses when the FIX only setting is switched off. The collection of a point may drop in case the receiver doesn’t track the GNSS signal and reverts to the No solution status.

You may try to collect the points for a shorter period of time to check how it works in this case for you.


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