Code libraries with additional attributes

I just got the RS3 and would like to use the Emlid Flow 360 software for data collection, but I usually have more than one field for adding comments about the points I take. I can probably make it work for awhile with the single “Description” column, but ideally I would have another field or two to add information to while taking a point. Is there a way to do this that I am not seeing?

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Emlid Flow currently only allows to determine an object’s code and add a description to it. Could you please elaborate on what you would like to see as an additional field for the objects? Similar text fields like the description field, or more specialized ones such as number or date format fields, or attachment fields?

I would like to see an additional text field. I think when importing codes to a code library if a csv has additional columns those could be used to label new fields. If additional fields are treated as text fields then any input can be added to them while surveying, but if they are all the same data type such as double then that is an easy conversion after the data is exported.

I see. Thank you for the additional details! I’ll note it and pass it on to the team to consider further implementation.

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I agree with @gms here on this one… I currently just purchased (2) RS3 Survey Kit and am using it as a proof of concept to shift away from the expensive big box survey hardware and software. We have approx. 8 crews that would be collecting data daily. We also require a hefty robust code list where we capture the following:
Point ID, Northing, Easting, Height, Line ID and Linework, Size, Material, Owner, Electronic Depth, Measure Down, Comment
This addition to the software would go a long way in this proof of concept and could potentially save my company hundreds of thousands of dollars. We can’t be the only ones who are wanting just a little more from this software. I know when I demo’d the gear in Dec. 2023 there was not an Inverse or Traverse feature. Great Add there!

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