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Hi, hopefully someone can give me a bit of advice.
I use a combination of Agisoft photoscan and Reach RS (for precise ground control points) to build 3d models of landscapes. Using Reach RS, the ground points are collected in ESPG: 4326, however this isn’t an option on the co-ordinate settings in Agisoft. Does any one know which co-ordinate setting I should use in Agisoft ( i live in the north east of England) and do I need to convert the co-ordinates taken by Reach RS?
Also is it possible to change the co-ordinate system in Reach RS?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there,

ESPG 4326 is the identifer code for WGS84.
If you import into Agisoft using WGS84 then you can convert it to whatever coordinate system you need.

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